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The path towards a fossil-free EU agriculture
  • de-fossilised EU agriculture (minimum fossil energy dependency)
  • more efficient energy use
  • optimised agricultural production
  • reduced GHG emissions
  • increased economic, agronomic and environmental benefits
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AgEnergy platform is getting real!

AgroFossilFree is creating the AgEnergy Platform, which will contain all available FEFTS in the form of easily accessible and comprehensive end-user material following the EIP-Service Point format. For all relevant stakeholders, please read the attached letter and register your products. How to register? 1. Complete this Google Form https://bit.ly/2UsHWFd  2. Watch the tutorial video if needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKaJT……

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AgroFossilFree presented in AgEng 2021 Conference

  AgroFossilFree project was presented in AgEng2021 by our Coordinator Dr. Thanos Balafoutis (iBO-CERTH) and the audience showed great interest in its perspectives to de-fossilise EU agriculture. AgEng2021 was held between 4th and 8th July 2021 in a virtual mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The online conference included scientifically-significant invited speakers, oral and poster…

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