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The path towards a fossil-free EU agriculture
  • de-fossilised EU agriculture (minimum fossil energy dependency)
  • more efficient energy use
  • optimised agricultural production
  • reduced GHG emissions
  • increased economic, agronomic and environmental benefits
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New Year, New FEFTS!

The new year has started and we have great news for all our followers! 640 new FEFTS solutions have been added to the AgEnergy platform. Find the solution that fits best your needs by searching in more than 1400 FEFTS solutions. Get registered now and access our updated content!

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Preparing a video to show best practices in Greece!

AgroFossilFree has identified several examples of successful innovation processes and best practices in the agricultural sector. To promote these examples, we are documenting them through video-making. The Greek hub has already started with the shooting! They are doing the video about Pane Power panel, a transparent solar panel which provides a practical approach for dual-use…

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