Aarhus University (AU) was founded in 1928. It has 37.500 students; about 1.900 PhD students – of which one in four has a foreign nationality – and close to 700 postdoctoral scholars together with 8,000 employees. AU cover the entire research spectrum and a range of international master and doctoral programs. The Department of Engineering/Operations Management Unit carries out research and teaching in the fields of Biosystems Engineering as well as innovative technologies to be applied in industrial production and bio-production system. Specifically, the Operations Management group of the Dept. of Engineering embraces research, development and implementation of planning, control and application technologies for the precision treatment of plants and other production entities as well as efficient data collection and documentation methods for the production traceability. This includes the application of innovative technologies, sensors, mathematical/physical models, decision support systems for operations and task management, design and implementation of information technology and communication and other innovative technologies.


Additionally, new products and production methods are evaluated in terms of sustainability, feasibility, etc. The mentioned expertise’s are advanced research projects, like H2020 Internet of Food & Farm 2020, IoF2020, aiming to deploy IoT solutions in European agriculture through integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, EU ERA-NET, ICT-AGRI VAROS aimed at developing and implementing precision farming for optimal orchard management, EU ERA-NET, ICT-AGRI GeoWebAgri aimed at developing and implementing Geospatial ICT infrastructure for agricultural machines and Farm Management Information Systems, FutureCropping, aimed at developing and applying a collaborative and system oriented ICT platform, Square Meter Farming aimed at developing AI and Automated Big Data for Location Specific Decision Support for Agriculture.