The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the 3rd oldest university in Greece. Since 1920, contributes consistently and continuously to Greek and European agri-food sector development, by conducting basic and applied research in agricultural related sciences and technology. AUA conducts 1/3 of the agricultural research in Greece. The University is situated on a green campus not far from Athens city centre. AUA campus is a complex of 16 buildings comprising of auditoriums, 48 fully equipped laboratories, a modern library, computer clusters and extensive agricultural facilities. AUA offers extensive research facilities in its laboratories and also innexperimental farms of a total area of 180 hectares. AUA contributions address a wide range of issues related to food safety and environmental protection significantly affecting the daily lives of Greek and Europeans citizens: food quality and safety, water resource conservation, organic farming, alternative energy sources, biotechnological applications, information and communications technology. AUA will be represented in AgroFossilFree by two departments covering the specialization of innovation diffusion and energy in the agricultural domain, so that AUA can be WP1 leader that is associated completely with these two specializations.


The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development (AERD) has as primary aim the generation of knowledge/ research results as well as to educate scientists (graduate and post-graduate level) in the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions of sustainable rural development. Its curriculum combines areas from both natural and social sciences. The Department has a long experience in EU and national research projects and relations and close collaboration with many research and non-research institutions in Europe. In particular, the Lab. of Agricultural Extension, Rural Systems & Rural Sociology is involved in European research projects on topics such as innovation, extension/ training & learning, agri-environmental topics, policy assessments, project design and evaluation, etc. focusing on sustainability and innovation. The transdisciplinarity design and conduct of field research as well as participatory techniques are also part of its staff expertise. The Lab. on behalf of the AUA is a EU-FRAS partner and an accredited CECRA module provider.


Τhe Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering (NRAE) one of the oldest of AUA and more specifically the Section of Farm Structures and Agricultural Mechanization has a large experience on energy systems in agricultural activities and is very well equipped covering a wide range of topics such as electromechanical equipment of agricultural enterprises (including animal farms and greenhouses) such as: internal combustion engines, agricultural implements and other machinery, precision agriculture systems and precision farming, electrical motors and electromechanical systems, sensors and automation, robotics, postharvest technologies, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and water treatment and reuse in agriculture.