L & F



L&F is a private non-profit advisory; test and research association owned by 30,000 Danish farmers. It bridges the gap between farmers and research in close cooperation with local agricultural advisory centres and is the main Danish supplier of professional knowledge for farmers as well as for food businesses, authorities and agricultural colleges. In this two string system L&F acts as national centre for 28 local advisory centres throughout Denmark organized in the overall partnership Danish Agricultural Advisory Service which employs 3.500 professionals. Approximately 650 are working at L&F and 3/4 have a university degree within agricultural and biological sciences; economics; business administration; law; ICT and marketing. L&F is an all- round house subdivided into 2 main departments: Innovation and business. The department of innovation comprises the sections environment, arable crops, husbandry, economy, breeding and genetics, organic farming and future farming. It is highly specialized in implementation and dissemination of knowledge and innovation directly to advisors and farmers, but also companies, universities, government and municipality. Major effort is made through the internet; social media and special information databases having more than 1 million yearly visitors of professional adviser and farmers.