The Lublin Agricultural Advisory Center in Konskowola provides agricultural consultancy covering activities in the field of agriculture, rural development, agricultural markets and rural households, aimed at improving the level of agricultural income and improving the market competitiveness of agricultural holdings, supporting sustainable development of rural areas, as well as raising the level of qualifications professional farmers and other inhabitants of rural areas. LODR in Końskowola is a subordinate unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It employs 326 employees, including 250 agricultural advisors. The area of activity is the area of the Lubelskie region. The main task of our company in the field of advisory for farmers in recent times is the introduction of integrated production, counteracting climate change. We have our own field experimental facilities where we conduct field research and observations independently and in cooperation with research institutes, research units companies.


We transfer the latest agricultural knowledge through training and introduce innovative solutions in agriculture: mechanization, fertilization, agrotechnics and crop protection to agricultural practice. LODR advisers in Konskowola have extensive qualifications and knowledge in the field of agriculture. They specialize in various fields of agricultural production. They provide agro-technical and economic consulting in the field of agricultural crop technology, horticulture, ecology of production economics and acquisition of European funds. We work closely with agricultural institutions, local governments, and scientific institutes. They are constantly improving their professional qualifications. We organize trainings, courses, exhibitions and carry out information and publishing activities.