A Dutch sustainable storage barn with solar panels

Our Dutch partner Delphy presents the sustainable storage barn ‘Bewaarschuur van de toekomst’ from arable farmer Tonnie van Peperstraten, built by manufacturer Altez – arable constructions. The sustainable storage barn of Tonnie van Peperstraten is a new type of storage barn, in which agricultural produce is stored such as potatoes, onions and carrots. It makes…

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Find the best solution for a de-fossilised agriculture

Industry and research entities have developed new technologies and fossil-free energy strategies (FEFTS) related to more sustainable energy production and use. However, in the agricultural sector, there remains a significant gap between these developments and the actual uptake and use of available tools and practices by EU farmers, especially for the large number of small…

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Innovation case studies in Denmark

Soon will be available the video about the Danish case studies. We are happy to share with you some videos of the process. The Danish video case describes the innovation process and one of the first full-scale biorefining plants that produce Green Protein used to replace soy in feed for monogastric animals like pigs and…

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Let’s find some case studies in Poland!

The Polish hub composed of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute (IUNG-PIB) and Lublin Agricultural Advisory Center in Konskowola, in cooperation with GB Agro and the NGK Group, has just produced a video promoting efficient solutions for agriculture! A combination of a strip-till unit and a subsoiler was chosen…

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