AgroFossilFree consists of six WPs. The first four WPs deal with the core activities of the project, while the other two are overarching WPs spanning across the 36-month project duration.


Current energy use status in EU agriculture and identification of factors affecting innovation adoption and diffusion of FEFTS.
WP1 includes all activities to evaluate current energy use status in EU agriculture and assess the needs and interests for fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies to be applied in future farming and the diffusion of these innovations within the social systems. Innovation practices from the AGRISPIN project will be deployed


Registry of available FEFTS and financing tools in EU agriculture.

WP2 will inventory available fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies and available financing tools in European agriculture and analyse their development over time.


Interactive multi-actor innovation networking, consultation and development of policy guidelines on FEFTS adoption in EU agriculture.

WP3 will build on the results produced in WP1 and WP2, generating interactive and multi-actor innovation at regional level, supporting cross-border collaboration and ensuring the sustainability and links of the interregional multi-actor network on fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies with the EIP-AGRI and other EU wide initiatives, like EERA. In this WP, practice abstract required by the EIP-AGRI and policy briefs/guidelines for higher adoption of fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies in EU agriculture will be produced.


AgEnergy Online Platform.

In WP4, the “AgEnergy Platform” will be created and populated with WP1, WP2 and WP3 results. WP3 and WP4 are closely linked, as the AgEnergy Platform will foster stakeholders’ engagement in the workshops, collecting their feedback and supporting the creation of an AgroFossilFree virtual Community


Dissemination and Communication.

A dissemination strategy will be defined to lead the dissemination of project results and stakeholders engagement at regional, national, and European level, maximizing its impact and ensuring sustainability of the project outcomes after its end. Partners will conduct interactive dissemination activities throughout the project.


Project Management.

WP6 will ensure sound administrative, financial and risk management of the project.